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Sèvres, a Ceramic History

Sèvres at the Time of Louis XV, Birth of the Legend

John Whitehead and Sèvres, Cité de la céramique


Price €46

Format 24.3 x 28 cm (9.6 x 11 in.)

144 pages, 80 color photographs

Hardback cover with binding cloth

ISSN : 1961-8883.
ISBN : 978-2-35290-071-9

1740 saw the birth of a porcelain factory with one major asset—the brilliant whiteness of its paste.

It soon obtained strong support from Louis XV and was able to call upon the greatest artists of the period. In less than thirty years, the Manufacture royale de Sèvres had become the greatest of them all.

After revolutionizing the art of porcelain, it stood as the undisputed arbiter of taste in Europe. Fourth volume of the “Sèvres, a Ceramic History” series, Sèvres at the Time of Louis XV unveils the birth of a legend.

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